Glass Machinery Reconditioners

Make/Type: GMI / GMI 25-50
Group-Subgroup: 9 Tempering-Härtung - Heat soak test
Reference: S-HST-028
Construction Year: 2017
Condition: 01 NEW Machine with Warranty
For glass 2500mm x 5000mm
Having the following specific characteristics :
Effective dimensions :
Width : 1500mm
Height : 2600mm on trolley (total height ± 2850mm)
Length : 5300mm
Approximate floor space requirements :
Width : ± 2300mm + cooling system of ± 1100mm
Height : ± 3400mm + ventilation of ± 330mm
Length : ± 5600mm
Temperature of use : 260°C ± 10°C – European standard 14179-1:2016
Maximum temperature : 350°C
Installed power : ± 260kW for the heating
Heating : electrical heating in 6 separated areas by reinforced resistors evenly spread between the two side walls of the furnace
Connection : three-phase, voltage to be indicated to us
Insulation : 150mm of rock wool in all the walls, except the bottom (100mm)
Air stirring : by 8 fans dia. 500mm installed in the arch
Ventilation power : 8 x 1,1KW = 8,8KW
Door : door in one part on hinges
closing by lock-bolt
Safety mechanism : locking of the closing during the process
The furnace stops when you open the door
Cooling system : cooling system of the oven accelerated by 6 external turbines drive by a frequency variator
+ 3 chimneys with pneumatic opening on the top
Inner frame : welded sections and sheets coated with HT paint (ordinary steel)
Outer frame : welded sections and sheets (ordinary steel)
– all coated with RAL7003, RAL7016 and RAL2000 (or colour of your

Glass loading : 1 trolley with a flat bottom moving on rails in the axis of the furnace
+ 1 “A” support to place on the trolley
Manual displacement of the trolley on rails inside and outside the oven.
Supply of Teflon supports for the panes to place on the “A” support and 100 spacers of panes to place between the panes of glass.
Regulation system in a cabinet directly placed on the oven and composed of :
• 1 regulator “JUMO IMAGO 500”
• 1 general switch
• safety contactors
• heating contactors
• resistors protection circuit-breakers
• motors protection circuit breakers
• emergency stop
• indicator lights and buttons
• ….and all the equipment necessary for smooth operations of the furnace

For all our ovens, we provide an “EC” certificate which certifies that our machines are manufactured according to the European standards.
Our HST ovens are manufactured to work having regard to the standard DIN14179 actually in force

The price of the furnace includes :
- The study and manufacture
- The furnace with the regulation, 1 trolley with the A support
- The teflon supports and spacers for the trolley
- explanations for the use of the furnace (1 user manual)
- civil engineering plans for the installation
- the technical file

On your charge :
– the transport
– the crane for the unloading and the installation of the furnace
– connection of the power cable in the control cabin
– The arrival line of the air near the control cabin
– If necessary, re-assembly on site and starting of the furnace on site (1000 €/day for 2 technicians)
– The costs for the travel for 2 technicians (by plane)
– The bed and board for 2 technicians (± 2-3 days)
– To assume those 2 technicians from the airport to the factory and the hotel

DELIVERY TIME : ± 12 to 16 weeks - depending of the production charge of factory orders
TRANSPORT : not included
Warranty : 1 year for equipment
Payment : 40% with the order, 40% before the delivery, 20% at 30 days of the delivery (or other terms to define)
Options: 1 digital recorder Jumo Logoscreen NT (6 curves) : data recording on USB key, setup to use the data on a PC, printing curve on paper with report. It could be connected directly to the PC for the transfer of data (Ethernet connection). Price 4.900 €

1. Cutting

2. Edging

3. Bevelling

4. Drilling

5. Washing

6. Coating

7. Insulating glass

8. Laminating glass

9. Tempering

10. Handling

11. Others

12. Spare parts

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