Glass Machinery Reconditioners

Make/Type: North Glass / NG-12H3610II (3.2 -19mm/3.2-12mm)
Group-Subgroup: 9 Tempering - Bending and tempering furnaces
Reference: S-TPB-057
Construction Year: 2005
Condition: 05 USED As seen and approved
Info: The buyer can come and practice and make tests.

The furnace includes loading table, heating section, bent formation/quenching section, flat quenching section, unloading table, blowing & cooling system and control system. It is a reverse operation system which one direction is flat temper glass working way, while the reverse direction is bent temper glass working way. It is used to manufacture flat and cylindrical tempered and heat strengthened glass for architectural, furniture, home appliance, shower-cabin components etc.

2.1.1. Flat Glass Glass thickness range:
Tempering: 3.2-3.5 mm with tolerance +0.2/-0.0 mm
4-19 mm with tolerance +0.2/-0.2 mm Glass size:
Max glass size : 2,000 (width) x 3,660 mm
Min glass size : 150 x 300 mm Standard: EN 12150-1:2000 Finish product rate (based on clear float glass): 3.2-3.5mm not less than 90%
4 mm not less than 92%
5 mm and above not less than 95%
. Productivity / process cycle time:
5mm = 15 loads /Hour (cycle)

2.1.2 Bent Glass Glass thickness range :
Tempering: 3.2-3.5 mm with tolerance +0.2/-0.0mm
4-12 mm with tolerance +0.2/- 0.2mm Glass size:
Max. glass size : 2,000 x 1,000 mm(bend)
Min. glass size : 200 x 350 mm (bend) Min. bending radius:
450mm (4-6mm)
1000mm (3.2mm, 3.5mm, 8-10mm)
1200mm (12mm) Standard : EN 12150-1:2000 Finish product rate (based on clear float glass): 3.2-3.5mm not less than 90%
4mm not less than 92%
5mm and above not less than 95%
. Productivity / process cycle time: 5 mm = 28 Loads/ Hour

2.2. Utilities

2.2.1 Installed power:

Heating : 576 kW
Drives : 20 kW
Flat Quenching No.1 : 500 kW (250 kW x2)
Flat Quenching/Cooling No.2 : 250 kW
Bent Quenching : 630 kW (315 kW x2)
Bent Cooling : 22 kW
Total installed power: 1,346kW x 80% ≌ 1,100 kW

Note: The power capacity may be different and should be referring to the actual designing power drawing which will be supplied after signing the contract.

2.2.2 Compressed air (one air tank should be supplied with 0.5M3 at least) :
Volume : 0.6 - 0.8 m3 /min
Pressure : > 0.7 MPa

2.2.3 Suitable glass sorts:
l Clear float glass (soda lime silicate)
l Coated glasses (Including most kinds of hard coated glass, parts of special soft coated glass, which withstands about temperature 700 ℃)
l Patterned glass
l Tinted glass
Options: Offered extra: We have on stock the complete set of new ceramic rollers Vesuvius. We have also a lot of spare parts. There are 5 big fans due to tempering 3mm glass. From 4mm glass is neccesary only 1 fan 250 KW.

1. Cutting

2. Edging

3. Bevelling

4. Drilling

5. Washing

6. Coating

7. Insulating glass

8. Laminating glass

9. Tempering

10. Handling

11. Others

12. Spare parts

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