Glass Machinery Reconditioners

Make/Type: GMI / Chemical Tempering
Group-Subgroup: 9 Tempering - Chemical Tempering
Reference: S-TPG-275
Construction Year: 2021
Condition: 01 NEW with warranty
Info: Automatic oven for chemical tempering of glasses
maximum dimensions 2600 x 1500 mm

1 Model: CT925 (Special)

2 Components:
· Stainless steel tank with electrical heating system
. Moving pre-heating dome combined with lifting rack from the salt
. Loading glass rack with railway inside the pre-heating chamber
. Outside mechanism and electrical parts
· Bulkhead for covering the tank
. N. 1 Stainless steel rack to hold glasses
· Switch board + power board
. H 1mt perimetrical security netting of the entire oven with gate and electro-lock
3 Mains data
- Heated base of the oven to contain the tank with the salt and reach a temperature
of 400/500°C
- Outside temperature: max. 40/60°C
- Stainless steel tank Aisi 321, thickness 8mm (with radiographed welding)
- Inside dimensions of the tank: 2700x900x1800mm
- Tank capacity: about 7000/8000 kg of salt
- Electrical power of the bottom part of the oven: 90 kW
- Electrical power of the pre-heating dome: 48 kW
- Intake hole inside the post-cooling dome with motorized closure
- Motorized linear translation system of the dome from the base of the oven to the loading/unloading
- Motorized bulkhead to close the tank with the salt
- Motorized lifting system of the rack with glasses, by means of endless screws and possibility to change the
- Control board complete with all controls and safety devices necessary for a complete managing of the
equipment in automatic
- Stainless steel rack Aisi 316, suitable to hold glasses to temper (only external frame)
4 Technical specifications of the components
4.1 Heated base of the oven with the tank
· Heating elements are placed in all sides (on two levels) and on the bottom of tank
. Electrical power: 3 x 400V, 50/60Hz 138KW
· All heating elements can be easily reached and connected from the outside
· Temperature uniformity of the bath: +/- 3/5°C
· Temperature sensors placed in two different levels. Each level has four
sensors included in two thermocouples
· Temperature control of heating chamber in two areas with two thermocouples for a uniform
· Temperature alarm MIN/MAX set on 30/40°C
· Tank welding controlled at X radius to assure the maximum safety of salt bath
· Construction of the salt bath tank made in stainless steel AISI 321, thickness 8mm
· Tank with salt always covered during moving of pre-heating chamber
· Maximum temperature of the bath: 500 °C
4.2 Pre-heating chamber
· Pre-heating dome without door
· External rack loading system with controlled variable speed
· Automatic system of pre-heating chamber translation from loading area to salt bath
· Pre-heating dome with inside heating
· Temperature control inside the chamber
· Mechanical and electrical external system for rack lifting
· Two windows to inspect inside the chamber on each side
4.3 Rack to hold glasses
- Maximum dimension of glass: length: 260 [cm]
height: 150 [cm]
depth: 90 [cm]
- Suitable for a maximum total capacity of 1500Kg
- Wire netting on the bottom of the rack and 30cm on the sides to collect pieces of glass in case of
· Construction in stainless steel Aisi 316
· Removable bars on the front for a better loading and unloading of the glasses
· Rack realized only with steel section and no tubular
4. 4 Control device
- Possibility of manual and automatic working
- English inscriptions
4. 5 Specifications of control device
- Four thermoregulators to control heating chamber and salt temperature
- Temperature recorder 3 retraces
- Electronic panel for the equipment running
- Functions controlled by PLC
- Complete with emergency button
- Complete with selector with key for manual opening and closure of the bulkhead to close the tank for
4.7 Documentation
4.7.1 General manual including following documents:
. working general description
· technical data
. instructions for installation
· detailed description for the automatic use
· detailed description for the manual use
· detailed description in case of alarm and emergency
· diagram of the electric circuit
· maintenance manual
· list of spare parts suggested to keep in stock
4.7.2 Certificate of conformity and quality
· CE certificate of conformity
· Certificate of material for rack to hold glasses
· Certificate of material for tank
· Test certificate to X radius of tank welding
. Certificate of salt analysis (if supplied)
5 Salt composition necessary for processing
- 100% Potassium Nitrate
- Potassium nitrate pure for analysis RPE
- Quantity necessary to fill up the tank, about 8000 Kg
6 Installation
- Installation and starting up of the equipment
- Instruction for use and maintenance
- Time necessary: six days 2/3 technicians
Options: 7 Terms of sale - Price of the equipment: - Charge of salt not included kg 8.000 - Installation: cost extra (board and lodging expenses to be paid by the buyer) - Delivery: to be agreed - Terms: EXW - Transport: according to your instructions - Payment: 40% with the order for starting works 40% before delivery, after our advice that goods are ready 20% after installation of the equipment

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