Glass Machinery Reconditioners

Make/Type: Bystronic / FIRST.ARRIS 27
Group-Subgroup: 7 Insulating glass - Glass Arrising (Seaming) Line
Reference: S-VAE-047
Construction Year: 2007
Condition: 05 Machine as seen and approved - no warranty
Info: 27000


Information about the line:
Basic data Dimension Unit Dimension Unit
Glass size max. 2700 x 3800 [mm] [mm]
Glass size min. 190 x 350 [mm] [mm]
Glass thickness min. 3.0 [mm] [mm]
Glass thickness max. 19.0 [mm] [mm]
Transport height horizontal 930 +/- 25 [mm] [mm]
Transport height vertical 500 +/- 20 [mm] [mm]
Connection G 1"
Pressure 6.0 [bar] [bar]
Compressed air
Flow rate 15.0 [m3/h] [m3]
Mains voltage 3 x 400 V / 50 Hz

Braking voltage 400 V / 50 Hz
Control voltage Input 24 V DC / PNP
Output 24 V DC
max. 35 [°C] [°C]
min. 15 [°C] [°C]
Ambient temperature
Air conditioning No
Guard Complete with safety switch and wiring
Edge deletion No
Direction of travel left to right
Dimensional input metric
Documents Language Version
Operating instructions English CD-ROM + Print out
Parts lists for drawings English Print out
Additional documents CE declaration English Print out
Spare parts list English CD-ROM
Diagram English CD-ROM
CNC-MMC English
Desk labelling English
Training Operator English
Maintenance English
No. of documentations 1
Edge arrissing machine, first’arris 27
Chamber / design
· Edge seaming module, multi-purpose usable as stand-alone machine
or as in-line machine
· Vertical construction with 6 degree inclination
· Chamber and mount base made of stainless steel
· Bothsided dripping water pan
· Sliding guides with low maintenance for the Y and Z axis
Operation methods:
Seaming of rectangulars
· Rectangulars with an angular deflection of less than 1 mm per
running meter will be processed in this mode
Seaming of non-rectangulars
· Rectangulars with an angular deflection of less than 1 mm per
running meter will be processed in this mode
· Glass plates with straight edges and with a geometry 8 edges will be
processed in this mode (with consideration of the edge restrictions)
Transit mode
· Glass plates up to a thickness form 3 to 50 mm are conveyed
through the machine without seaming in this mode
Glass size information
· Data input of glass plates not necessary
· Automatic thickness measuring before arrissing
· Automatic detection of the geometry of the glass plate during
arrissing by mechanical scanning device
2-head arrissing system
· 1 arrissing head, for the bottom edge on Z-axis
· 1 arrissing head, turnable up to 350° on Y-axis
· Each arrissing head with 2 grinding wheels with independent edge
control for each grinding wheel
· Grinding wheel diameter 100 mm
· Wet arrissing process for best results
Suction unit
· Suction unit per grinding wheel
· Collection reservoir for waste water
Operation security
· Safety concept protects the operator (access through safety door
· Safety device for Y-axis
Rinsing module
· Removing of dirt-particles from the glass surface
· Water drops originated from wet glass plates are collected by a water
· Good access from front for easy maintenance
· Simple and easy changing of grinding wheels by steering into service
Technical data
Glass shapes Rectangles
Non rectangles : Glass shapes with straight
edges, less than 8 edges, with
consideration of certain angle restrictions.
Water treatment unit for the arrissing module
· Powerful and reliable complete solution for suctioning off waste water
directly at the two arrissing heads and in the collecting tray with
automatic water purification
· Cyclone, for suctioning off waste water, with integrated centrifuge for
separating air, glass dust and cooling water
· Simple emptying of glass dust using two glass dust containers for
manual, alternating replacement in the Cyclone
· Easy handling of the Zentriklon with pallet-compatible design
· Two 800 litre plastic containers as cooling water tanks
· Plastic water containers mounted on pallets for simple handling
· Integrated water meter and water drain sleeve
· Special pressurised water pump delivers the purified cooling water
directly to the two arrissing heads of the arrissing machine
Pos.23 1 Water circuit system to the after-rinsing zone
· Effective complete solution with optimised operating costs for the
after-rinsing zone
· Two special pressurised water pumps guarantee that the rinsing
water is reliably transported to the rinsing zone and back again
· One 800 litre plastic container as a water tank
· Plastic water containers mounted on pallets for simple handling
· Integrated water meter and water drain sleeve

1. Cutting

2. Edging

3. Bevelling

4. Drilling

5. Washing

6. Coating

7. Insulating glass

8. Laminating glass

9. Tempering

10. Handling

11. Others

12. Spare parts

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