Glass Machinery Reconditioners

Make/Type: GMI / Coating Line & Equipment - Magnetron Sputtering
Group-Subgroup: 6 Coating - Coaters
Reference: S-COA-025
Construction Year: 2010
Condition: 05 Machine as seen and approved - no warranty
Info: Complete Glass Coating Line & Equipment
Magnetron Sputtering on Glass

L 46525 x W 6107 х H 4080

Production scale: Average annual works: 6.000 hours
Workpiece size in maximum 2.250 x 3.210 = 7,22 m2
Annual production: 600.000 – 1.000.000 m2
Expected annual production: 1.000.000 m2

for self-cleaning / sun-protection / low-emission / coated glass applications

- Water de-ionizing system (productivity 2,1 m3/hr)
- Automatic glass vertical cleaning line
- Automatic vertical coating machine (max. glass size 2250 x 3210 mm,
4-8 mm thick, minimum machine cycle time - 150 sec.)
- PLC-programmable unit

Loading Station
Washing Machine
Door Valve 1
Transfer Chamber 1
Door Valve 2
Buffer Chamber 1
Sputter Chamber 1
Sputter Chamber 2
Sputter Chamber 3
Sputter Chamber 4
Sputter Chamber 5
Sputter Chamber 6
Sputter Chamber 7
Buffer Chamber 2
Door Valve 3
Transfer Chamber 2
Door Valve 4
Unloading Station

Magnetron Sputtering Line
Electric power supply: 500 kVA, average = 320 kVA
Water Supply: Water consumption 2 t/hour, water pressure 4 kg/cm2,
Recycle cooling water 96 t/hour T = 25 oC (P = 300 kW)
Compressed air: Air compressor productivity 1,5 m3/min
Air pressure 6 kg/cm2
Workshop: Main building (currently used by Seller)
Width 12 m; length 70 m; height 6,5 m; area 840 m2
Auxiliary building (currently used by Seller)
Width 6,5 m; length 24 m; height 4,5 m; area 156 m2
Secondary building (currently used by Seller): 200 m2
Total area: 1.196 m2
Delivered Equipment: Water de-ionizing system (productivity 2,1 m3/hr)
Automatic glass cleaning line
Automatic coating machine
PLC-programmable unit
Accessory equipment: Air compressor
Movable electric crane (5 t)
Container for compressed air (1 m3)
2 trucks (8 t)

1. Cutting

2. Edging

3. Bevelling

4. Drilling

5. Washing

6. Coating

7. Insulating glass

8. Laminating glass

9. Tempering

10. Handling

11. Others

12. Spare parts

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