Glass Machinery Reconditioners

Make/Type: GMI-KR / Glass Laminating + Powder Coating
Group-Subgroup: 6 Surface Treatment - Mirror & Painting lines
Reference: S-COA-027
Construction Year: 2021
Condition: 01 NEW with warranty
Info: For glass manufacturers, glass processors, cladding companies and entrepreneurs can manufacture Safety Glass.

The plant manufactures panels up to 4m x 2.6m as a production line.

A safety glass and aluminium laminate. It is lightweight, shatterproof and not susceptible to catastrophic nickel sulphide breaks.

Tested against impact, weathering and thermal differences, Chromatics is a component of monolithic panels and double glazed units.

It is designed for modern architectural needs, using no toxic elements in product or process. The process is low-energy and produces no effluent or gas, either in manufacture or disposal.

The following products can be produced on this line:

- coloured glass with the use of float glass (No safety glass => cutting possible)
(Regular powder coated coloured glass - glass with powder coating in different colours)

- coloured glass with the use of tempered (toughened) glass (Safety glass => cutting not possible)
(Regular powder coated coloured glass - glass with powder coating in different colours)

- digital printing on the glass and secured by powder coating (float glass or tempered glass)
(Powder coating with digital printing - glass with digital printing and powder coating)

- Chromatics glass (coloured glass with the use of float glass and an aluminium foil (Safety glass))
(Chromatics safety glass - glass with powder coating and an aluminium foil on the backside)

- Chromatics glass with digital printing
(Chromatics safety glass with digital printing - glass with digital printing, powder coating and an aluminium foil on the backside)

- Safety mirrors
(Standard produced finished mirrors additional with an aluminium foil on the backside)

Additional, please find attached the following information:

- Powder coated glass with laminated aluminium foil on the backside of the glass
- Chromatics compared with painted products
- Chromatics Facade glass
- Toughcoat compared with painted products
- Digital printing

For further details, do not hesitate to contact us.

Powder coated, coloured glass
Powder coated, coloured glass, with laminated aluminium foil on the backside of the glass

A lot of possibilities for interior design.

UV-stable colours, weather resistant powder coating
Possible to cut and drill the glass on site at workplace

Manufacturing method:
By special manufacturing process the glass is resistant against tension breakage for normal use.
Any RAL colour, reproducible

Safety feature:
Shatter bonded by sticking at the aluminium foil on the back side of the glass

Application for :

Interior application:
Facade panel for interior use like shops. Also in safety relevant areas like elevators, escalator
Mirror with shutter bonded aluminium foil as safety feature for sport area and big size mirror walls in public area


Reproducible in all RAL-, NCS- or other colours.
Coated low iron glass is nearly identical reproducible with all colours.

Resistance of colour:
The colour is weather resistant, designed with UV stable pigments

Efect, flatness:
High reflective, optically flat and totally opaque. (without wave optic of shutter proofed, hardened glass)

The glass for interior use is 4mm thick and and has a weight of 10kg/m². This is a low weight and easy to handle for big sizes at work place.

The glass can be ordered and stored in big sizes of 3,21x 2,55m. The glass is cuttable, can be drilled and grinded after the production process.
The glass can be cut by hand or on the automatic cutting table for laminated safety glass. The glass can be cut, drilled and grinded, also at workplace, if there is a need

Safety feature:
If the laminated glass is damaged, the laminated glass aluminium system keeps extensive in shape. The system
has shatter bonding feature. Shatter bonded by sticking at the aluminium foil on the back side of the glass

The aluminium backside of the glass has a special advantage in correspondence to normal silicone glue on coloured glass.
The Aluminium foil is always opaque everywhere and with the same quality.
To glue the aluminium laminate to other material is very easy.
The material sticks with a lot of glue and flex glue for stones and tile to nearly every flat surface.

Environment friendly:
Green product
Organic Pigments
Low process temperature < 200°C
Low energy consumption for the process
No heavy metals or toxic elements

Used for:
Different markets
Interior use
Wall cladding
Facade interior
Furniture cladding
Bathroom, shower, big pieces for walls
Cut, drill and grind also at workplace

colour powder coating flat glass
laminating line for flat glass

Glass size max.:
Length 3600mm x width 2600mm.

90m long
with installed 1100 kW power

2 tilting table, 2 light cranes, vertical washing machine,
powder booth for coating flat material,
demi water plant and so on

Pos. 1 Loading Station with Glass Lift

Pos. 2 Vertical Inlet Transport WM

Pos. 3 Vertical Washing Machine with Drying

Pos. 4 Vertical Inspection Transport with glass Activation Section

Pos. 5 Tilting Table with Horizontal Transport and Vertical Inspection

Pos. 6 Pre-Heating Section

Pos. 7 Powder Section with Belt Cleaning

Pos. 8 Cleaning Transport

Pos. 9 Gel Oven

Pos. 10 Alignment Oven

Pos. 11 Laminator

Pos. 12 Cure Oven

Pos. 13 Cooling Section

Pos. 14 Tilting Table with Vertical and Horizontal Transport

Pos. 15 Vertical Inspection station

Pos. 16 Unloading Station with Glass Lift

Pos. 17 Electrical Distribution

Pos. 18 Demi-water plant for the supply of the glass washing machine

1. Cutting

2. Edging

3. Bevelling

4. Drilling

5. Washing

6. Coating

7. Insulating glass

8. Laminating glass

9. Tempering

10. Handling

11. Others

12. Spare parts

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