Glass Machinery Reconditioners

Make/Type: GMI / Chemical Tempering
Group-Subgroup: 9 Tempering - Chemical Tempering
Reference: S-TPG-305
Construction Year: 2018
Condition: 03 USED Working warranty
Info: • Vertical chemical tempering furnace
• HG 1800 x 2400 A
• Max glass size can be processed 1800mm x 2400mm.
• Glass thickness shall be 0.5mm to 12mm.
• Around 15 tons Potassium nitrate
• Chemical bath capacity is 10MT

400 mm/min glass trolley running speed
200 mm/min lifting speed of glass trolley

Power 420 KW

1 Supplying scope:

1.1 Exchanging furnace 1 set
a. Base: The base is welded by heat resisting steel and first glass carbon structural quality
steel and with aluminum silicate inside as the insulating material.
b. Salt bath: Salt bath is welded by OG19Ni9N with perfect heat and corrosion resistance
and enough strength.
c. Hanger: Hanger is welded by OG19Ni9N for loading and unloading the glass.
d. Door of furnace、board of insulating can and cover board
1.2 Preheating furnace 1 set
Preheating furnace is welded by first carbon structural quality steel with aluminum
silicate inside as insulating material. There are air channels at the two sides of
preheating furnace. At the bottom, there’s bisect furnace door.
1.3 Walking rack、walking table and lifting system
1.4 Electric cabinet 2 set


Working dimension mm 1500×2000 ㎜
Working thickness mm 0.5-12 ㎜
Weight t 23
Working temperature ℃ 450
Design temperature ℃ 500
Displaying temperature ℃ 800
Accuracy of temperature control ℃ ±3
Working media Sodium nitrate and Potassium nitrate salt
Heat balance output of blower Kw 2.2×4

3 .Processing parameter

1) Hanger: 2 Set
2) Number of glass can be put inside the hanger: For example, Thickness is 3mm. The
distance between glasses is three times of the thickness of glass Every hanger can
contain 100 pieces glasses
3) Working cycle: The standard working cycle is 12 hours. It will be decided by the strength
of working glass. The time can be shorten if the requirements of strength is lower.
4 ) Working capacity: Two hanger of glass can be produced every 24 hours
5 ) Yield: >96%
4. Mechanical features
1 )Heater and relay can be changed
2 )Humidity of surface of machine will not exceed 50℃
3) Heat balancing system use heat resistant recycling blower with stainless steel and air
channel. This will ensure the constant temperature of preheating and annealing
4) Protecting grade of heating recycling blower is IP55
5 )Exchanging furnace and preheating furnace is on the rail and the open and close time is
6)Discharging apparatus of preheating furnace is for discharging the air which will pollute
the glass during annealing period and short the annealing time.
9) Round step ladder for observing working process and for maintenance
5 Electric features
1) Power can be cut off by emergency stop button under any circumstance.
2) Temperature can be set and controlled by using intelligent temperature controlling meter.
It will display the actual temperature.
3) At the top, in the middle and at the bottom of the exchanging furnace there are three
temperature measuring points. That will ensure the constant temperature during icon
exchange period and the quality of the products.
4) Protecting function of heater will ensure temperature of heater will not exceed design
5) In the air channel of heating furnace, there’s temperature controlling point which will set
and control the temperature of preheating and annealing. That also will display the actual
temperature at any time.
6) Through limit control to control the moving of preheating furnace and positioning of
hanger lifting. Also the overlimit protecting function is used.
7 ) Acoustic alarming for overtemperature of furnace and electric trouble.

1. Cutting

2. Edging

3. Bevelling

4. Drilling

5. Washing

6. Coating

7. Insulating glass

8. Laminating glass

9. Tempering

10. Handling

11. Others

12. Spare parts

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