Glass Machinery Reconditioners

Make/Type: Drivers & Motors : Stromag-Yaskawa-Siemens-Lenze-SEW Eurodrive - Indramat - / Stock GMR MM
Group-Subgroup: 12 Spare parts - Drivers & Motors
Reference: S-SPA-117
Condition: 05 USED As seen and approved
Info: new spare parts website;:

?? TK/030/R/D (9426270)
??? TB13/250

ABM EFB2/3SSGA112F/71/4D71A4X-8/2
Atec France DIVA PE 100 1
Atlanta 58 83 115
Bauser DMKB8071
Bovone XS80K2
Brinkmann KTF 82/200+001
Brinkmann STA402/400+001
Busch SV1016B000 1HXX
Calpeda T70E
Cyclo Drive CHHM05-4095-25
DAB K45/50T T 1,5 HP Pompa centrifuga bigirante trifase per uso idrico
Eberhard Bauer DP1A8420AH/253
E-Elektrim C08762
Einhall 2009/02 CH-2920
Elin LKM-416 L02 F6N
Ernst Vogel 30CL 135 U 042
European Drivers & Motor Repairs 33885
Grundfos JP5-8-8-CVBP
Hoover Motor 2300 HAF
Indramat MAC063D-O-JS-4-C/095-B-0/W1518LV
Indramat MAC090B-O-JD-1-B/130-B-2/101000/S019
Lafert ST90 SC2

Lenze 12.602.08.1.5 DS-071/4
Lenze 12.602.10.13 gear box transmission
Lenze 12.602.12.1.5 gear box transmission
Lenze 7KC4-063H Lenze Ac Motor With Helical Gearbox Model 7Kc4-063H 12.622.10.1
Lenze DF80 K0754
Lenze DKF 71L (00712-28)
Lenze DKF 71N
Lenze DKF 90SR

Loher BLA71 B-8
M.D Motors MS711-4 B35
M.G.M Motori BAD 90LB2/4
M.G.M Motori BADA 71B2/8
Magnetic BR11/2 (55740) Magnetic BR11/2 Servo Motor 3000rpm 5nm 141v-ac
Movinor MM7030 Special
Neri T56 BN/4
Nocchi EP2T Electrical material Nocchi Pompe hydraulique
Pompetravaini TRNB 32-50/8H
Rietschle RTD 15 DV
Rietschle ZFP145 (06)
Sacemi AP90B emulsie pump
Sew Eurodrive R32DT71D8/2BM6
Sew Eurodrive S52 DT90S-4BM/TF

Siemens 1LA2090-2AA12
Siemens 1LA5096-2AA22
Siemens 1LA7166-2AA60
Siemens UD0704/1074946-001-1

Stober PF113
Stork ST80 C2
Stromag FGP 211/003/40 AE1
Stromag FRP 21/0070-30
VEM KMERB 400.1.2 7351
WATT H6 1LA-IEC/ADS/140/19
Wilo AF Basic-MC 304EM-E

Yaskawa USAGED-09A22K
Yaskawa USAGED-30A22K

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