Glass Machinery Reconditioners

Make/Type: Lisec / 2500 x 3500 mm
Group-Subgroup: 7 IGU Production - Production lines
Reference: S-IGL-2260 L-R
Construction Year: 2011
Condition: 05 USED As seen and approved

Max glass size 3500 x 2500 mm
Min glass size 350 x 180 mm
Unit thickness 10,6 – 52 mm
3 Sided stepped units Yes
Triple units Yes
Shapes no
Gasfilling No
Voltage 3/N/PE-50Hz 380V+/-10%
Colour Front panels in Lisec purple
Steel construction & switch boards in RAL 7042 (Grey)

Pos. 1010
Transport and storing station, type RTVB-32/25WE
Pos. 1020
Automatized washing and drying station, type RTL-25B
Pos. 1030
Transport and storing station, type RTVB-15/25ST
Pos. 1035
Transport and storing station, type RTVB-15/25ST
Pos. 1040
Frame mounting station for stepped units, type RSVN-35/25S
Incl halogen headlights
Incl. daylight headlights
Pos. 1050
Fully automatic flat press, type FPLN-35/25
Pos. 1060
Transport and storing station, type RTVB-15/25ST
Pos. 1070
Automatic tilt table, type RKT-35/23VM
Pos. 1080
Transport and storing station, type RTVB-15/20VFE
Plant section for optimized transport of glass sheets and glass units in an insulating glass line.
The back wall of this station is equipped with recessed and easy to change special rollers in order to guarantee an
easy and safe transport of glass sheets. Transport is effected on rollers provided with a mostly wear-resistant
The drive of the storage station is coupled with the control system and electrical system of the prepositioned or
postpositioned machine; transport speeds are controlled by adjustable drive units which can be combined in a
modular system structure.

Pos. 1090
Automatized edge sealing machine, type VL-1N/25
Automatic sealing machine designed for sealant application used
for the glass compound of insulating glass units.
The machine consists of an inlet and outlet section. A separate
measuring section is prepositioned to detect glass thicknesses,
air gaps as well as total unit thickness. The insulating glass unit
is guided on top edge over a horizontal roller beam at a given
distance to the back wall. Glass is conveyed using a patented
wear-resistant transport chain which only marginally touches the
unit bottom edge so that the sealing cavity is kept free. A linearly
guided suction device integrated in the back wall ensures
slip-free glass transport of the insulating glass unit.

Material is applied by means of a rotating nozzle head travelled on a vertical guide block in front of the machine
and moved along the unit edge. The multiple axis control of the nozzle head also ensures trouble-free sealing of
shapes (acc. to specification in Shape Catalogue) (to be selected as an additional option).
A stationary metering unit (see description of “Mixing and Metering Device, Type DOS” below) electronically
controls material supply and mixing of sealant components. The electronic depth scanning device mounted on the
nozzle head ensures continuous calculation of material quantity.
Two separate correction roller systems guarantee an optimum distribution of material in the corner areas.
Furthermore an automatic cleaning, spray and lubrication system guarantees a maintenance-free operation of the
transport chain.
Problem-free unloading of large sheets is possible due to the guidance on top edge over the adjustable roller
beam if a lifting device equipped with a suction system on either side is used.
1) Processing of 3-sided stepped units
Machine equipment for processing of 3-sided stepped units.
Sealing nozzle for 3-sided stepped units
Special sealing nozzle for sealing of 3-sided stepped units
2) Sealing of triple units - travel around twice
The sealing process is carried out by running around the glass edge in two cycles and means that the second
cavity space get filled up also with the exactly controlled and metered sealant volume analogue to the measured
sight line depth. The extra measured spacer width together with the actual scanned sight line depth will be taken
for calculation of the metering control for sealant material and adjustment of sealing speed.

Pos. 1100
Mixing and Metering Device, Type DOS-1SI (Sealing material: GE-SSG 4400)
The mixing and metering device is an additional device for sealing required for optimum processing of one or two
component sealants.
Sealants are pumped from drums for A and B components into a central metering unit. The required mass of
material is conveyed from this metering unit to the sealing nozzle using a hydraulic flow control system and
guided through a mechanical mixing system. This metering unit can be adjusted continuously to a mixing ratio
from 7:1 to 12.5:1 according to volume. Empty drums can be changed very quickly due to the arrangement of
drum devices.

Options: Pos. 2090 Semi-automated butyl coating machine, type LBH-25V Semi-automated machine designed for butyl coating of spacer frames. The machine is equipped with a vertical lifting gear to allow for comfortable setting of working height for operators and adaptation of frame size to working height. Various corner area designs (butyl string) can be set exactly on the screen due to a clearly arranged graphic information. The transport belt speed is adjusted by means of the keyboard on the control panel. All speed-relevant parameters are also modified in order to immediately guarantee an optimum coating again. The nozzle is adjusted automatically by scanning the spacer width. A round frame device ensures that even circularly bent frames can be coated in an optimal way. Holding-down rollers can be deactivated for frames of shapes or frames with integrated georgian bars (muntins). For longer periods of downtime, the machine is equipped with an integrated weekly timer in order to preheat the butyl supply unit. The position of the butyl unit enables shortest possible butyl refill times. Butyl filling amount: 2 standard drums (approx. 14 l).

1. Cutting

2. Edging

3. Bevelling

4. Drilling

5. Washing

6. Coating

7. Insulating glass

8. Laminating glass

9. Tempering

10. Handling

11. Others

12. Spare parts

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