Glass Machinery Reconditioners

Make/Type: Glassrobots / VABd 230 / 340
Group-Subgroup: 8 Laminating - SmartBox
Technical Specifications:  Download
Reference: S-LTD-282
Construction Year: 2008
Reconditioning Year: 2018
Condition: 05 USED As seen and approved
Price: 75000 €
Info: Single chamber lami furnace (2650 x 4700 mm)
pre-lamination for autoclave

Temperature 140°C

Max. 2300 x 3400 mm
kwh: 97 kW
400 / 230 V
50 Hz
Glassrobots Specification of the machine

Pre-lamination chamber VABe 230/340 2300x3400

The equipment is to be used for Prelamination by heating up and evacuate the air in between glass and foil or as end lamination with autoclave free PVB-Foil.
The machine has optional glass trolley for glass sheets (option), Vacuum lines, Heating chamber and complete electrical control.

Technical Data

Glass max 2300 x 3400 mm (2650 x 4700 mm room internal size )
Glass min depends on the glass trolleys construction
Capacity / glass trolley 15 units

By used of PVB:
Takttime PVB 30_40 min based on recommendations of the PVB manufacturer

Power connection and consumation

Electricity 3ph + PE+N 400/230+_ 5%, 50 Hz
Power 97 kW
Controllvoltage 1-220 VAC

Room parameters

• Airtemperature in furnace area 17°C – 35°C
• Relative Humidity max 80%
• Weight on floor in building 25kN/m²
• Flatness of the building floor under machine +_20 mm

Functional description

The with Vacuumlips or Vaccumbags delivered glass will be positioned manualy on the trolley in front of the furnace. Than de vacuumlips will be connected.
The glass will be kept first in coldvacuum before entering, for about ca 15-20 min. befor it will go in the heating chamber at 100°C +-5°C .
This will take about 40min (including heating and holding). The cooling of the heatzone takes about 5 min.

Cyclustimes are changebla and should be advised by the PVB manufacturers.
The above parameters are guidelines for the vacuum lips delivered glasses. For the precise process parameters you need to follow the guidelines of the PVB manufacturers.

Construction of the Prelamination furnace

The furnace is a in line system with doors on both ends. The system consist of:
A good isolated 80mm heating chamber with electrical heating system and air circulation. Inside walls of the furnace are with steel plates covered.

Man kann damit praktisch alle möglichen Laminationsprozesse bis zu einer max Größe von 2 x 2 x 3,5 m Größe fahren oder gleichzeitig bis zu 20 kleinere Produkte (Glas, Holz, Kunststoffe, Solarmodule) laminieren und direkt parallel 10 fach die Temperaturen im Vacuumsack überwachen und über einen Datenlogger mitschreiben.
Options: I can tell you some general rules of the processing parameters for laminating glass with EVA FILM. 1.) Indoor EVA FILM (like 110 degrees) need lower temperature for laminating than outdoor EVA FILM (130 degrees). 2.) If you laminating thicker glass with more layers of EVA FILM, then the keeping time should be longer, for example if 5mmglass+0.38mm EVA FILM +5mm glass is 130 degree and 40 min, then 10mm glass+2layer EVA FILM +10mm glass should be 130 degree and 55mins. Because more time is needed for the heat pass through the thicker glass and more layer EVA FILM. 3.) The tempered glass laminating with EVA FILM needs longer keeping time than the flat glass laminating with EVA FILM. 4.) If the weather is colder in your region, then the keeping time should be longer. And it’s also different for different glass laminating machine, because the heating part is different. So : 1.) If you change the EVA FILM supplier, maybe you have to adjusting the processing parameters for laminating glass with EVA FILM. 2.) If you buy a new EVA glass laminating machine, and the processing parameters maybe different from your older one. 3.) If the weather changes from different seasons, maybe you also need to adjust the processing parameters for laminating glass with EVA FILM. 4.) Yes, every EVA FILM Manufacturers would offer you the processing instructions or parameters for laminating glass with EVA FILM, but you don’t have to follow them exactly. You should change some according to your real situation. Hope all those info may be helpful to you.

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