Glass Machinery Reconditioners

Make/Type: GMI-KR / 2600 R-L
Group-Subgroup: 5 Washing - Vertical
Reference: S-WSH-504
Construction Year: 2021
Condition: 03 USED Working warranty
Info: Vertical infeed transport
- Vertical 2600 mm washing machine with drying
- Tilting table (behind the washing machine)
- Horizontal outfeed transport
- tilting table (discharge)

Vertikaler Einlauftransport
- Vertikale 2600 Waschmaschine mit Trocknung
- Kipptisch (hinter der Waschmaschine)
- Horizontaler Auslauftransport
- Kipptisch (Auslauf)

Description of Line Components

Pos. 1 Loading station, 250kg

With the help of the suction frame, the sheets are taken off the glass rack and they are placed vertically on the tilting table in front of the washing machine. Differences in inclination can be compensated by tilting of the suction frame. The suction frame has a rotating function to collect short formats in upright position and to place them down on the long edge.

Light crane
Trolley crane with a lift system travelling on rails by hand, which are standing on steel supports.

Electrical lifting and lowering, horizontal turning and tilting of loads.

Generation of vacuum via vacuum pump system with check and display of the vacuum power.

A central operation desk with integrated control buttons allows easy signal activation of the single functions. In case of pressure loss in the dangerous area, it is displayed and acoustical signal is given.

Pos. 2 Vertical Inlet Transport WM

The vertical transport serves as inlet transport in front of the washing machine.

In horizontal position, the glass sheets are placed on Vulkollan transport rollers.

In vertical position transport rollers with Perbunan rings are driven via screw wheels. The transport rollers are arranged in drag bearings placed on a solid welded frame.

Small glass sheets are placed manually on the transport frame. After placing the glass sheet, the transport is activated by push button.

Pos. 3 Vertical Washing Machine with Drying

The washing machine body, washing chambers, recirculation vats and the drying nozzles are made entirely of stainless steel.

The rubber rings of the transport rollers are resistant to cutting oil.

Flat jet spraying nozzles in the pre-rinsing section are fed with city water. Coarse dirt particles removed are directly led into the drain. This reduces contamination of the DI-water circuit for the washing machine.

The washing machine is equipped with energy and water saving cascade system.

Pre-rinsing section with
Flat jet spraying nozzles

Washing section with
3 pairs of brushes,
3 vats and
3 pumps

Acid section with
1 pair of brushes,
1 vat and
1 pump

Drying section with
2 pairs of drying nozzles provide dry edges.

Pos. 4 Vertical Inspection Transport with glass Activation Section

The transport serves as Activation Section for the glass surface and as Inspection and Storage Transport before the Tilting Table.

Drive by a geared motor, A.C., frequency-controlled. All the rollers are arranged in drag bearings with a single drive operating pairs of spiral-toothed gear wheels.

The transport rollers are vulcanised and ground.

Pos. 5 Tilting Table with Horizontal Transport and Vertical Inspection

Transport rollers, which are individually driven by worm gear wheels are placed on a solid welded frame. The transport rollers are arranged in drag bearings.

Tilting arms are in horizontal position. The integrated tilting table is made of several profile arms which can be tilted (electro-mechanical by crank mechanism) from the horizontal position by 84°. The tilting speed has its lowest speed at the beginning and at the end of the movement. The glass is tilted from vertical to the horizontal position. If no glass happens to be in the Pre-Heating oven the glass runs into the oven.

The tilting table is used for print products to drive through the line again after the first layer is coated. The tilting table can be used in normal production to verify and control the washing quality on the product.
Options: S-WTT- Osmose system available

1. Cutting

2. Edging

3. Bevelling

4. Drilling

5. Washing

6. Coating

7. Insulating glass

8. Laminating glass

9. Tempering

10. Handling

11. Others

12. Spare parts

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